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STUNNING Movie - Watch these men, and see the Corporate Pathology




Subject: Despotism: like learning to exist without oxygen.




April 29, 2022


Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,


“Learn to learn and learning not to learn” were key concepts discussed many years ago by British anthropologist, Gregory Bateson in his notable anthology of essays, Steps to an Ecology of Mind: Collected Essays in Anthropology, Psychiatry, Evolution, and Epistemology (1972).

An exceptionally vulgar friend of mine years ago used to put it this way: “Don’t be fooled when you’re served pig shit and they call it caviar.”  Indeed, there are some things we are advised not to learn, nor even to accept. (This sounds like a conversation one might hear in the backroom barracks of a concentration camp, but here we are thinking such thoughts in the fresh air of democratic enlightenment. We’ve regressed a long way!)

The recent proliferation of corporate censorship and psyops is a predictable accompaniment to war. When these activities become palpable to the multitude, we can be sure that the powers-that-be are in desperate straits.  They much prefer going unnoticed.



The other day I tried to access http://www.globalresearch.ca/ and found myself not at a dead-end, but instead confrontinga perplexing labyrinth of instructions which directed me ultimately to a cul-de-sac. This is the none-too-subtle expression of desperation that corporate American culture calls “communication.” Unaccustomed to outright dictatorship, our new masters (the formally bourgeois leaders) try to fake it, but their fatal error was made a long time ago: unlike more successful dictatorships such as those found in Saudi Arabia, China, and North Korea; the history of the USA included free public education for a society made up of farmers, industrial workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals; and among the millions of school teachers across the country, there were actually many true educators - a local phenomenae that was beyond corporate control. To reverse the cultural traits of this bourgeois revolution and attempt to artificially establish an obedient, superstitious medieval culture of serfs within a single generation is a suicidal ambition on the part of the ruling classes. It is destined to fail. They would do better to negotiate with an international alliance for social progress and abandon their unilateral, dictatorial fantasies for a truer vision of an egalitarian democratic society with a future.


If we listen to these self-appointed elites speaking among themselves, we discover their fascination with “super-human powers” which they often enshrine in the arcane language of mathematics. An example of this “admirable” lingo for consumption by "the elite" is found in Forbes magazine by staff writer Alex Knapp, The Seduction Of The Exponential Curve.

The "back half of the chessboard" is a reference to the old story about the inventor of chess. As the story goes, when chess was presented to a great king, the king offered the inventor any reward that he wanted. The inventor asked that a single grain of rice be placed on the first square of the chessboard. Then two grains on the second square, four grains on the third, and so on. Doubling each time.

The king, baffled by such a small price for a wonderful game, immediately agreed, and ordered the treasurer to pay the agreed upon sum. A week later, the inventor went before the king and asked why he had not received his reward. The king, outraged that the treasurer had disobeyed him, immediately summoned him and demanded to know why the inventor had not been paid. The treasurer explained that the sum could not be paid - by the time you got even halfway through the chessboard, the amount of grain required was more than the entire kingdom possessed.

The king took in this information and thought for a while. Then he did the only rational thing a king could do in those circumstances. He had the inventor killed, as an object lesson in the perils of trying to outwit the king.

The ruling class, blinded by their greed, attempts to use occult experiences to enshroud their political power with mystery and a sense of destiny. We find behind the curtain, however, no more than a puny "Wizard of OZ" -  the Great Pretender who is pulling the necessary levers for non-stop pyrotechnics, designed to entrap us in his grandiose fantasies of omnipotence and to deprive us of power over our own lives. No self-respecting Kansas farmer would allow this to happen, nor would Toto.


The story of “The Real Anthony Fauci” is a lesson that must not be forgotten. Indeed, it is the newsworthy story of the dog that didn’t bark….


Below please see some excerpts from this essential anatomy exposing the creation of 21st-century despotism in the USA.


The Real Anthony Faui: Bill Gates, Big Pharma,

and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”

by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (audio edition read by Bruce Wagner)


Audiobook, Part I

(the Dedication & Acknowledgements to Chapter 6)




Audiobook, Part II

(Chapter 7 to the Afterword)





The Real Anthony Fauci

(L’édition française : Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates et Big Pharma - Leur guerre mondiale contre la démocratie et la santé publique, trans. par Pierre Barois)


Table of Contents


Dedications and Acknowledgements…viii



“I wrote this book so that Americans – both Democrats and Republicans – can understand Dr. Fauci’s pernicious role in allowing pharmaceutical companies to dominate our government and subvert our democracy, and to chronicle the key role Dr. Fauci has played in the current coup d’état against democracy.” (p.xxiv)


Chapter 1: Mismanaging a Pandemic…1


A. Arbitrary Decrees: Science-Free Medicine…1

     At the outset of the pandemic, Dr. Fauci used wildly inaccurate modeling that overestimated US deaths by 524 percent. Scammer and pandemic fabricator Neal Ferguson of Imperial College London was their author, with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) of $148.8 million. Dr. Fauci used this model as justification for his lockdowns.

     “Dr. Fauci acquiesced to CDC’s (Center of Disease Control and Prevention) selective protocol changes for completing death certificates in the way that inflated the claimed deaths from COVID, and thus inflated its infection mortality rate. CDC later admitted that only 6 percent of the COVID deaths occurred in entirely healthy individuals. The remaining 94 percent suffered from an average of 3.8 potentially fatal comorbidities.

    “Regulators misused (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction) PCR tests that CDC belatedly admitted in August 2021 were incapable of distinguishing COVID from other viral illnesses. Dr. Fauci tolerated their use at inappropriately high amplitudes of 37 and up to 45, even though Fauci had told Vince Racaniello (professor of immunology at Columbia University) that tests employing cycle thresholds of 35 and above were very unlikely to indicate the presence of live virus that could replicate. In July 2020, Fauci remarked that at these levels, a positive result is “just dead nucleotides, period,” yet did nothing to modify testing so that it might be more accurate. As America’s COVID czar, Dr. Fauci never complained about CDC’s decision to skip autopsies from deaths attributed to vaccines. This practice allowed CDC to persistently claim that all deaths following vaccination were “unrelated to vaccinations.” CDC also refused to conduct follow-up medical inquiries among people claiming vaccine injuries. Inspired by rich incentives to classify every patient as a COVID-19 victim – Medicare paid hospitals $39,000 per ventilator when treating COVID-19 and only $13,000 for garden variety respiratory infections – hospitals contributed to the deception. Once more, Dr. Fauci winked at the fraud.

     “Dr. Fauci’s refusal to fix (the US Health and Human Services Department) the HHS’s notoriously dysfunctional vaccine injury surveillance system (VAERS) constituted inexcusable negligence. HHS’s own studies indicate that VAERS may be understating vaccine injuries by OVER 99 percent.

    “The public never received facts about infection fatality rates or age-stratified risks for COVID with the kind of clarity that might have allowed them and their physicians to make evidenced-based personal risk assessments. Instead, federal officials relied on Vagueness and deception to recklessly overestimate the dangers from COVID in every age group. All of these deceptions riddled virtually every mainstream media report – particularly those by CNN and the New York Times – leaving the public with a vastly inflated and cataclysmically inaccurate impression of its lethality. Public surveys showed that, just as Fox News audiences were shockingly misinformed following the 9/11 bombings, CNN viewers and New York Times readers were catastrophically misinformed about the facts of COVID-19 during 2020. Successive Gallup poling showed that the average Democrat believed that 50 percent of COVID infections resulted in hospitalizations. The real number was less than one percent.” (pp.4-5)

. . .

“Following Dr. Kory’s explosive Senate testimony, thousands of doctors and frightened COVID patients began calling the hotlines for treatment. “We took over health care,” says McCullough.

     ‘In numerous countries and regions around the world, repeated, striking temporally associated reductions in both cases and deaths occurred very soon after either ivermectin was distributed or health ministry ivermectin recommendations were announced,” said Dr. Kory. It could be argued that  a similar association occurred in the US.

     ‘Dr. Fauci and the industry propagandists later attributed the January decline in COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths to their vaccines, which began their rollout in mid-December 2020.

     ‘However, even mainstream media doctors reluctantly acknowledged that the drop could not possibly be a vaccine effect. By February 1, only 25.2 million, or 7.6 percent of Americans, had received a single vaccine dose. The CDC acknowledged that there is no effect until many weeks after the second COVID jab.

     ‘Tony Fauci’s decision to deny early treatments undoubtedly prolonged and intensified the pandemic. McCullough points out that early treatment does not just prevent hospitalization; it quickly starves pandemics to death by stopping their spread. Early treatment deduces the infectivity period from 14 days to about four days,” he explains. It also allows someone to stay in the home so they don’t contaminate people outside the home. And then it has this remarkable effect in reducing the intensity and duration of symptoms so patients don’t get so short of breath, they don’t get into this panic where they feel they have to break containment and go the hospital.” McCullough says that those hospital trips are tinder for pandemics, especially since, at that point, the patient is at the height of infectivity, with teeming viral loads. “Every hospitalization in America – and there’s been millions of them – has been a super-spreader event. Sick patients contaminate their loved ones, paramedics, Uber drivers, people in the clinic and offices. It becomes a total mess.” McCullough says that by treating COVID-19 at home, doctors actually can extinguish the pandemic.’

. . .

    “Most of my fellow Democrats understand that Dr. Fauci led an effort to deliberately derail America’s access to lifesaving drugs and medicines that might have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and dramatically shorted the pandemic. There is no other aspect of the COVID crisis that more clearly reveals the malicious intentions of a powerful vaccine cartel – led by Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates – to prolog the pandemic and amplify its mortal effects in order to promote their mischievous inoculations.”(pp.18-19)


B. Killing Hydroxychloroquine…19

     “In May 2020, Dr. Harvey Risch, M.D., Ph.D. published the most comprehensive study, to date, on (hydroxychloroquine) HCQ’s efficacy against COVID. Rich is Yale University’s super-eminent Professor of Epidemiology, an illustrious world authority on the analysis of aggregate clinical data. Dr. Risch concluded that evidence is unequivocal  for early and safe use of the MHCQ cocktail. Dr. Risch published his work – a meta-analysis reviewing five outpatient studies – in affiliation with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the American Journal of Epidemiology, under the urgent title, ‘Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk COVID-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to Pandemic Crisis.’

     “He further demonstrated, with specificity, how HCQ’s critics – largely funded by Bill Gates and Dr. Tony Fauci – had misinterpreted, misstated, and misreported negative results by employing faulty protocols, most of which showed HCQ efficacy administered without zinc and Zithromax which were known to be helpful. But their main trick for ensuring the protocols failed was to wait until late in the disease process before administering HCQ – when it is known to be ineffective. Dr. Risch noted that evidence against HCQ used late in the course of the disease is irrelevant. While acknowledging that Dr. Ridier Raoult’s powerful French studies favoring HCQ efficacy were not randomized, Risch argued that the results were, nevertheless, so stunning as to far outweigh that deficit: “The first study of HCQ + AZ […] showed a 50-fold benefit of HCQ + AZ vs. standard of care …. This is such an enormous difference that it cannot be ignored despite lack of randomization. Risch has pointed out that the supposed need for randomized placebo-controlled trails is a shibboleth.

. . .

     “So, against all that I’ve shared here, Dr. Fauci offered up one answer: hydorxychloroquine should not be used because we don’t understand the mechanism it uses to defeat COVID – another shibboleth transparently invoked to defeat common sense. Regulators do not understand the mechanism of action of many drugs, but they nonetheless license those that are effective and safe.

. . .

     “The prospect of an existing therapeutic drug (with an expired patent) that could out-perform any vaccine in the war against COVID posed a momentous threat to the pharmaceutical cartel. Among the features pharma companies most detest is low cost, and HCQ is about $10 per course. Compare that to more than $3,000 per course for Dr. Fauci’s beloved remdesirvir.

    “No surprise, pharmaceutical interests launched their multinational preemptive crusade to restrict and discredit HCQ starting way back in January 2020, months before the WHO declared a pandemic and even longer before President Trump’s controversial March 19 endorsement. On January 13, when rumors of Wuhan flu COVID-19 began to circulate, the French government took the bizarre, inexplicable, unprecedented, and highly suspicious step of reassigning HCQ from an over-the-counter to a prescription medicine. Without citing any studies, French health officials quietly changed the status of HCQ to ‘List II

 Poisonous substance” and banned its over-the-counter sales. This absolutely remarkable coincidence repeated itself a few weeks later when Canadian health officials did the exact same thing, quietly removing the drug from pharmacy shelves.’

 . . .

“Google has lucrative partnerships with all the large vaccine manufactures , including $715 million partnership with GlaxoSmithKline. Verily also own a business that tests for COVID infection. Google was not the only social media platform to ban content that contradicts the official HCQ narrative. Facebook, Pintrets, Instagram, YouTube, MailChimp, and vitually every other Big Tech platform began scrubbing information demonstrating HCQ’s efficacy, replacing it with industry propaganda generated by one of the Dr. Fauci/Gates-controlled pubic health agencies: HHS, NIH and WHO. When President Trump later suggested that Dr. Fauci was not being truthful about hydroxychloroquine, social media responded by removing his posts.

. . .

     “In the midst of a deadly pandemic, somebody very powerful wanted a medication that had been available over the counter for decades, and known to be effective against coronaviruses, to be suddenly but silently pulled from the shelves - from Canada to Zambia.”(pp.23-25)


C. Ivermectin…37

“Compare ivermectin’s safety record to Dr. Fauci’s two chosen COVID remedies, remdesivir (which hospital nurses have dubbed “Run-death-is-near”), and the COVID vaccines. Over 30 years, ivervectin has been associated with only 379 reported deaths, an impressive death/dose reporting ratio of 1/10,584,408. In contrast, over the 18 months since remesivir received an EUA (emergency use authorization) , about 1.5 million patients have received remdesivir, with 1,499 deaths reported (a dire 1/1,000 D/D ratio). Meanwhile, among recipients of COVID jabs in the US during the ten months following their rollout, some 17,000 deaths have occurred following vaccination, a reported D/D ratio of 1/13,250. Ivermectin, therefore, is thousands of times safer than remdesivir and COVID vaccines. The science also indicates that it is far more effective than either.”(p.60)


D. Remdesivir…63

“From early in May 2020, doctors and hospitals began using remdsivir on hospitalized patients who tested positive for COVID in PCR tests. By November 89, 2021, the publication date of this book, CDC’s website lists only two drugs approved for treating COVBID-19, remdesivir and the corticosteroid dexamethasone. Doctors often use the two drugs in conjunction. Assessing remdesivir’s impact on hospitalized COVID-19 patients is difficult, in part, because –like COVID-19 – remdesivir causes extreme toxicity to lungs and kidneys, and mimics several of the other lethal symptoms of COVID, including multi-organ failure. Many doctors believe our country’s record COVID-19 fatalities are at least in part due to widespread use of remdesivir in 2020; “We had the most deaths world-wide,” says Dr. Ryan Cole. “It’s a haunting question: How many of these Americans were remdesivir casualties?

     “For several months, we were the only country treating people with a durg proven to be lethal. That year, 2020, we had almost double the number of deaths per month compared to most other countries. Brazil, one of the first nations to widely use remdesivir, had the second highest death toll.

     “In May of 2020, New York doctors repeatedly marveled at the tendency for COVID-19 to cause kidney failure, something that no other repertory virus does.  Doctors began seeing acute kidney failure on day three, four, and five after admission. Hospitals short on ventilators also ran out of dialysis machines. Physician and laboratory CEO Dr. Ryan Cole is one of many doctors who believe that many of those cases were attributable to remdesivir. “COVID-19 can affect the kidneys,” he says. ‘We know this because we can recover the spike protein from urine. But it’s dubious that the sheer magnitude of acute renal failure we saw among hospitalized COVID patients can all be attributed solely to the coronavirus infection’.”(pp.69-70)


E. Final Solution: Vaccines or Bust…70

“Dr. Fauci must have recognized that since vaccine makers had immunity from liability [which he had helped arrange] and were playing, as it were, with house money [which he diverted to them through NIH], these companies had little incentive to invest in the kind of long-term studies necessary to eliminate the pathogenic priming hazard. In retrospect, it seems that Dr. Fauci and his confederates had at least six strategies for dealing with this grim risk. All six tactics involved hiding the evidence of ADE (antibody dependent enhancement that makes coming in contact with a virus far more dangerous) if it did occur:



‘I mean, if a parent really feels strongly against vaccination, that parent can get an exemption. So there’s never a situation where someone is going to tie you down and vaccinate you or say you can’t go to any schools at all if you’re not vaccinated. Nowhere should you force someone to do anything.’


     “In the run-up to the rollout, Dr. Fauci frequently repeated his ethical antipathy against mandating vaccination. But once the voluntary market reached saturation, those scruples melted away and, following his guidance, the federal policies began treating the vaccine-hesitant as dangerous public enemies. “Our patience is wearing thin,” warned Joe Biden during a national address on September 9, 2021.

. . .

“Whether intentional or not, the effect of this escalation was, increasingly, to eliminate the control group – which, coincidently, would permanently hide the evidence of vaccine injuries. This motivation alone explains Dr. Fauci’s reckless and ferocious drive to vaccinate every last American, even those who have natural immunity and nothing to gain from vaccination, Americans below fifty, even kindergarten-age children with zero risk from COVID, and pregnant women, despite a nearly complete lack of information about the jab’s impact on the fetus. Dr. Fauci continued to insist that fully vaccinating the entire population was the only path to ending the pandemic. This assertion ignored the fact that COVID vaccines prevent neither transmission nor infection, nor reductions in viral loads. Overwhelming science has proven that vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are equally likely to spread disease. A September 2021 Israeli study demonstrating the natural immunity provided 27x better protection against COVID than the Pfizer vaccine is just one of 29 recently published peer-reviewed studies that vouch for the superiority of natural immunity. What, then, is motivating the fierce campaign to nevertheless coercively vaccinate the vaccine-resistant 25 percent, other than a strategy to eliminate the control group to hide the deaths and injuries?

. . .

    “ Physicians and scientists complained that Dr. Fauci’s vaccine promotions constituted a vast, unprecedented population-wide experiment, with shady recordkeeping and no control group. Meanwhile, the actual data suggested that the COVID vaccines were causing far more deaths than they were averting.”(pp.72-76)



Chapter 2: Pharma Profits over Public Health…118


Chapter 3: The HIV Pandemic Template for Pharma Profiteering…126


Chapter 4: The Pandemic Template: AIDS and AZT…148


Chapter 5: The HIV Heresies…178


Chapter 6: Burning The HIV Heretics…209


Chapter 7: Dr. Fauci, Mr. Hyde: NIAID’s Barbaric and Illegal Experiments on Children…243


Chapter 8: White Mischief: Dr. Fauci’s African Atrocities…257


Chapter 9: The White Man’s Burden…278


Chapter 10: More Harm Than Good…323


Chapter 11: Hyping Phony Epidemics: “Crying Wolf”…357


Chapter 12: Germ Games…378




Author’s Note…450



The 22 + items below offer a view into the Anglophone social media contain social critiques of current events that challenge us today. The “sifting and winnowing” of information from this vast variety of sources appears today as an essential skill that must be learned collectively on pain of death.


Francis McCollum Feeley


Professeur honoraire de l'Université Grenoble-Alpes
Ancien Directeur des Researches
Université de Paris-Nanterre
Director of The Center for the Advanced Study
of American Institutions and Social Movements
The University of California-San Diego




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VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 1,226,314 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 26,976 deaths and 219,865 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and April 8, 2022.



Pfizer Knew Vaccine Injuries Were More Severe in People Under 55, Documents Reveal


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Documents released April 1 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration show the adverse event rate per dose for Pfizer’s mRNA jab, based on the company’s own studies, is nearly 1 in 800, and the myocarditis rate is 10 in 100,000 — far greater than the 2 in 100,000 rate previously reported.



Renowned Virologist Warns of ‘Collapse of Our Health System’ Due to Complications from COVID Vaccines


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Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche warned of the damage being done to the immune systems of the vaccinated, and the inevitable grave consequences that would result.





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·        Scott Ritter, former U.S. Marine Intelligence officer, UN Arms Inspector, exposed WMD lie in U.S. push to invade Iraq

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The Great Reset: It Begins


with Russell Brand


Klaus Schwab and the WEF tout their work in saving the world using environmental metrics called ESGs. But if companies that have good scores are actually the worst environmental violators, could it be that what the WEF are really working towards is a social credit scoring system?



Biden Administration Budgets Record $27.6 Billion for Militarization of Outer-Space


by Jeremy Kuzmarov



“YOU'RE NOT CRAZY, SOCIETY IS: The Game's Afoot: Episode 1”


by reallygraceful




CovertAction Bulletin Podcast: Dark Money Attacking Reproductive Rights


by Rachel Hu and Chris Garaffa



Microchipping humans is already a thing


by Ken Macon

People are already using it for payments.



Ukraine's "Neo-Nazi Summer Camp". Military Training for Young Children


by Prof Michel Chossudovsky



Soylent Green - FLNWO #04


with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato


This month on Film, Literature and the New World Order we talk to James Evan Pilato of MediaMonarchy.com about Soylent Green, the 1973 sci-fi movie based on the 1966 novel Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison. We discuss the differences between the book and the movie, the eminent personage who wrote the introduction to the book, and how the story has been used to predictively program some of the favourite memes of the eugenics propagandists.





Biden’s Hypocrisy on Accusing Russia of War Crimes


by Ted Snider



'You killed a million people in Iraq' George Galloway tells Jacqui Smith


with George Galloway




US Lawmakers Welcomed Notorious Georgian Warlord Now Boasting of War Crimes in Ukraine


by Alexander Rubinstein





Ukrainian journalist in 2014: 1.5 million people in Donbas "must be exterminated," because they're "superfluous"


by Mark Crispin Miller




Another Genocide: Bucha Joins Guernica and Babi Yar


by Melvin Goodman



Was Alleged Russian Army Massacre of Civilians at Bucha Actually a False Flag Event Staged by Ukrainian Nazis?


by Evan Reif



Ukraine: Bucha "False Flag" Falling Apart: "International Community" Calling ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan … No Response


by Stephen Karganovic



Facebook Warns About Consortium News Story


by Joe Lauria

Facebook has put out contradictory warnings about a Consortium News article on the Bucha massacre: it both says the piece does and does not violate its standards. Joe Lauria reports.



Why Not Joint War Crimes Trials?


by Jacob Hornberger



Chemical Weapons, Here, There, Everywhere


by Thomas Knapp



Scott Ritter: “A Conversation About Ukraine”

Scott Ritter was the UN weapons inspector who, during the Iraq War told the truth that we found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He became outspoken about this, which undercut the main reason the US used to invade and occupy Iraq. As with the Iraq War, Scott Ritter is outspoken about the present war in Ukraine, in which we are again hearing US lies about the reasons for, and the events happening in the Ukraine War. His vast experience and knowledge working in the military and with various international agencies helps expose the truth about what is happening in Ukraine. Thanks to the United National AntiWar Coalition to see the original version of this talk or donate, go to: www.unacpeace.org  


 This is the first part of an interview of Scott Ritter hosted by Margaret Flowers and Joe Lombardo of the United National AntiWar Coalition. The interview was recorded on April 6th and will be broadcast in two parts.

Part 1




This is the second part of an interview of Scott Ritter hosted by Margaret Flowers and Joe Lombardo of the United National AntiWar Coalition. The interview was recorded on April 6th and will be broadcast in two parts.

Part 2







April 14, 2022

The Defender: Children’s Health Defense


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.



The Ultimate Covid19 Decoding - Everything Explained for the Layperson


by Ivor Cummins



“The phrase 'back to normal' drives me crazy”: COVID widows and survivors are still struggling


by Michael Sainato



FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression


by Joseph Mercola



The Next ‘Great Pandemic:’ Astronomical Death Counts Now Being Telegraphed and Marketed to the Public


by Gary D. Barnett



540 Athletes Die After Receiving COVID Injections, Hundreds More Develop Serious Health Conditions


by Kevin Hughes



1 in 10 Surveyed Doctors Believe COVID Shots Aren’t Safe — But Is the Number Even Higher?


by Madhava Setty, M.D.



The Prevailing Corona Nonsense Narrative


by Dr. Thomas Binder

There has been no epidemic of COVID-19 of national scope in any country, no pandemic internationally, for the general population SARS-CoV-2 is not a killer virus, and it is the same in every country.





International Law and "European Civilisation"


by Christopher Gevers



Socialism is the Key to Peace


by Fred M'membe



Francia Márquez Mina: the Triumph of a Pedagogy of the Oppressed in Progress


by Charo Mina Rojas





James Corbett Explains 5th-Generation Warfare


with James Corbett, Dr. Rob Williams and Brandon Zollino




The War On 'Woke' Capitalism Has Begun


by Mark Jeftovic



The Great Billionaire Space Caper 


by Matt Taibbi





The Three-Way Split of French Politics


by Mathias Bernard



Did Macron really win? Or did he "win" like Biden and Bush/Cheney?


by Mark Crispin Miller



Jupiter Macron ready rule over Europe, prepares to deindustrialise German economy


with Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris




Mali's Moura Massacre Instigated by Malian Forces and Foreign Fighters


by  Kester Kenn Klomegah



The task of the left is to build a mass anti-imperialist, antiwar movement capable of intervening on the side of peace.


by Aaron Jaffe, Zachary Levenson & Vanessa Wills





Blinken and Austin visit Elensky. Ursula visits India. RED LINES, Solomon Islands. Update 2


with Alex Christoforou




Tanzania’s Late President Magufuli: “Science Denier” or Threat to Empire?


by Jeremy Loffredo and byWhitney Webb


While his COVID-19 policies have dominated media coverage regarding his disappearance and suspicious death, Tanzania’s John Magufuli was hated by the Western elites for much more than his rebuke of lockdowns and mask mandates. In particular, his efforts towards nationalizing the country’s mineral wealth threatened to deprive the West of control over resources deemed essential to the new green economy.



Our Case Against NATO: Africans and the Struggle Against Imperialism


by Abayomi Azikiwe



Cuba thanks Russia for 19,526 tons of wheat donation


by TeleSUR


Deputy Minister of the Food Industry, Lazara Mercedes Lopez Acea, thanked the Russian Federation thursday for a donation of 19,526 tons of wheat in a ceremony held at the headquarters of that government agency.teleSUR





Here's What's Next on the Globalist Calendar


by James Corbett



Google Threatens YouTubers Over Ukraine War Coverage


with Jimmy Dore




Elon Musk, Twitter, And The Free Speech Freak-Out


with Ron Paul


Elon Musk's seemingly successful bid to purchase Twitter and his claim to return it to a free-speech model has been met with fury and terror among that part of the population that used to champion free speech: the progressives and the left. Even the ACLU issued a warning. What are they afraid of? Also today, NATO countries are massively escalating in their war with Russia through Ukraine. The UK parliament's armed forces chief gave Ukraine a green light to use UK weapons to launch attacks inside Russia. What could go wrong...?



The Billionaire Savior of Twitter


by Caitlin Johnstone

Elon Musk’s talk about free speech will only matter if and when Twitter stops censoring Russian media and people who question the official narrative about Ukraine.





The “China Threat” and the Solomon Islands


by Dr. Binoy Kampmark



Imran Khan’s Removal is a Blow, Not a Victory for Pakistan’s Democracy


by Saqib Sheikh



Video: Nationwide Protest in Pakistan in Support of Imran Khan: Largest Rally in the History of Peshawar City, in the History of the Province of the Pashtun People


by  Junaid S. Ahmad



Report: Ukraine Crisis Profiteering by US Oil Giants


by Jessica Corbett



The Case for Nationalizing Big Oil


by Jessica Corbett


Selected Articles: NATO Sanctions and the Coming Global Diesel Fuel Disaster


by Global Research



The Role of Capitalism in the War in Ukraine


by Richard D. Wolff



NATO Admits It Wants 'Ukrainians to Keep Dying' to Bleed Russia


by Ben Norton



Why Zelensky’s Dream of Ukraine Becoming 'Big Israel' Makes Moscow Nervous


by Jonathan Cook



"One less traitor": Zelensky oversees campaign of assassination, kidnapping and torture of political opposition


by Max Blumenthal and Esha Krishnaswamy





The Pimps of War: Chris Hedges


by Chris Hedges



Palestinian Fears Mount as Ramadan Again Holds Threats of Israeli Violence


by Miko Peled



Israel Lobby's Efforts to Cancel Antiwar Rapper Lowkey Backfire Following Global Pushback


by Mnar Adley



Cycle of Violence: Israeli Authorities Prod Extremist Militias into Seeking “Vigilante Justice”


by Jessica Buxbaum

“All of this is part of the Jewish-supremacy ecosystem — the pro-occupation, pro-settlement, xenophobic hate, and violent right wing in Israel.” – Eran Nissan, Mehazkim COO



Israel deploys tear gas drones against al-Aqsa worshippers


by Maureen Clare Murphy



Palestine Needs Immediate Attention to Stave off Major Food Crisis


by Ramzy Baroud





Cancel Culture and Polarization in the Age of COVID: How To Agree To Disagree


by Mnar Adley



The Chris Hedges Report with Dr. Cornel West



Dr. Cornel West is the most important standard bearer for the Black prophetic tradition, the most important intellectual and spiritual movement in our history. Rooted in the experience of American racism, capitalist exploitation, and imperialism, this tradition has provided an ongoing critique of our economic, social, and political institutions and beliefs, as well as calling out the country’s spiritual bankruptcy. In this premiere episode of The Chris Hedges Report, Dr. West joins Chris Hedges to discuss the decay of the American empire, the struggle to show international solidarity in the face of escalating militarism, and what it means to examine this historical moment through a moral and spiritual lens. Chris Hedges interviews writers, intellectuals, and dissidents, many banished from the mainstream, in his half-hour show The Chris Hedges Report. He gives voice to those, from Cornel West and Noam Chomsky to the leaders of groups such as Extinction Rebellion, who are on the front lines of the struggle against militarism, corporate capitalism, white supremacy, the looming ecocide, as well as the battle to wrest back our democracy from the clutches of the ruling global oligarchy. Read the transcript of this episode: https://therealnews.com/the-chris-hed...



Black Agenda Report Archives


April 2022



Selected Articles: Transcending COVID-19 and the Climate Crisis Deceptions


by Global Research





$1.3 Billion Hospital, DoD's Newest, Still Without Drinkable Water


by Patricia Kime



UN: Ukraine water system "at risk of complete collapse"


by Noah Garfinkel


San Diego area sees surge in Ukrainian refugees crossing US-Mexico border


by Ashley Soriano



Ukraine’s Non-White Refugees


by Emmanuel Achiri and Hrishabh Sandilya





News from Underground – by Mark Crispiin Miller


In memory of those who "died suddenly" in southern Europe and Africa, April 12-18


by Mark Crispin Miller

A huge toll throughout Italy, with further sudden deaths in Spain, Portugal, Kenya and South Africa, and three high-profile unexpected passings in Nigeria



In memory of those who "died suddenly" in Canada, South America and the Caribbean, April 12-18


by Mark Crispin Miller

Two mysterious accidents in Canada, two children die suddenly in Brazil, an Argentinian journalist dies suddenly seven months post-injection, and all too many more



*** April 12-18

In memory of those who "died suddenly" in northern Europe, April 12-18


by Mark Crispin Miller

Sudden deaths, including some caused by strange accidents, throughout the UK, and in Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic



In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States, April 12-18 (Part 1)


by Mark Crispin Miller

Five musicians, three football players, four in law enforcement, three sailors (on the same aircraft carrier), three elementary school teachers, four prisoners and all too many more



In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States, April 12-18 (Part 2)


by Mark Crispin Miller

Two 16-year-olds "die suddenly" for no apparent reason, along with dozens more untimely deaths from coast to coast



In memory of those who "died suddenly" in Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize and Jamaica


by Mark Crispin Miller

A 15-year-old "died suddenly" at school, a 34-year-old lost consciousness while motorcycling, and all too many others have dropped dead before their time


***April 19-25

In memory of those who "died suddenly" in Europe, April 19-25


by Mark Crispin Miller

Three dads with 12 kids between them all "died suddenly" in the UK, two writers and two musicians are among the many who "died suddenly" in Italy, with still more in Ireland, Switzerland and Poland



In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States, April 19-25 (Part 1)


by Mark CrispinMiller

Four performers, three teachers, three policemen (and a jailer), two teenagers mysteriously drowned, and a sixth bodybuilder has "died suddenly" this year, among all too many others



In memory of those who "died suddenly" in the United States, April 19-25 (Part 2)


by Mark Crispin Miller

Three firefighters, two soldiers, three in city governance, a news director (at CBS), and all too many more



In memory of those who have "died suddenly" in Israel and Nigeria, Russia, China and the rest of Asia, and Oceania, April 19-25


by Mark Crispin Miller

Two mysterious car accidents in Australia, and one in Borneo, have added to the toll, two Russian men "died suddenly" at bus stops, and Nigeria's elite continued to drop dead for no reported reasons





The Defender

Children’s Health Defense – News and Views

April 26, 2022


by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.





It’s a Scary, Scary World, and It’s Getting Scarier,’ Playwright CJ Hopkins Tells RFK, Jr.


by Susan C. Olmstead

Playwright and novelist CJ Hopkins spoke this month with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast” about totalitarianism, populism and global capitalism in the era of COVID-19.