Bulletin N°496


9 July 2011
Grenoble, France

Dear Colleagues and Friends of CEIMSA,
As the summer break approaches, we at CEIMSA wish you a fulfilling vacation. I can think of no better way to spend these days, at least for those of us seeking to become better teachers and better students of the social sciences --struggling, as we are, in the theater of fetishes, and gangsters, and would-be gangsters-- than to spend the remainder of our summer weeks reading, listening and thinking about the 13 lectures by Oxford Scholar David Harvey, who has provided a public education service on the Internet by offering an invaluable explication de texte of Volume I of Marx's Capital.

Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey

A close reading of the text of Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume I

Harvey's books on this subject include A Companion to Marx's Capital (2010) and The Enigma of Capital and the Crisis of Capitalism (2011) and would greatly compliment this summer project, as would a rereading of Bertell Ollman's Dance of the Dialectic: STEPS IN MARX'S METHOD (2003).

The 7 items below offer CEIMSA readers the opportunity to apply systemic, dialectical thought to contemporary events, an exercise which might lead to a deeper understanding of the part we play in this Human Comedy that is consuming us.

Item A. from The Real News Network, is an interview with David Harvey on the infamous "dette grecque".

Item B., from The Honorable Cynthia McKinney, is a report on her "Eyewitness Libya Tour," 25 June 2010.

Item C. is a link to the BBC documentary, The Trap (2007), produced and directed by the award-winning film maker Adam Curtis.

Item D. sent to us by Dr. Catherine Shamas, is a report on the Flotille pour Gaza : Départ imminent !

Item E. is a article by Nima Shirazi on "the monstrous 'Quartet' performance at the Gaza blockade," sent to us by Professor Edward S. Herman.

Item F., from Truth Out, is an article by Professor Noam Chomsky, on the "Tsunami Warning in Israel."

Item G., from Truth Out, is an article by peace activits Kathy Kelly captured in Athens on her way to Gaza: "Note to US: Democracy Activists Worldwide Are Watching."

And finally, CEIMSA readers might find interesting this important program on censorship and repression in the U.S. information industry.

Amy Goodman Hosts Discussion With WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief Julian Assange and Slovenian Philosopher Slavojiek:
Event Broadcast Live From London on July 2

Within the past year, whistleblower website WikiLeaks has released three of the most significant leaks of classified
information in history: the Iraq War Logs, the Guantánamo Bay files and Cablegate. Since then the world has undoubtedly
changed. Ambassadors have resigned amid scandals exposed by leaked cables; governments have ordered reviews of
their computer security; and pro-democracy movements have swept across the Middle East and North Africa­in part fueled,
some believe, by WikiLeaks revelations.

Francis McCollum Feeley
Professor of American Studies
Université Stendhal Grenoble 3
Director of Research
Université de Paris 10

from The Real News Network :
Date: 5 July 2011
Subject: Greece Should Default.

PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay in New York. On Wednesday, June 29 in Greece, the Greek Parliament passed a series of austerity measures as thousands of people outside the Parliament buildings protested against exactly that. Wall Street Journal was rather happy, saying that investors around the globe thought this was a good short-term fix. But was there any choice for the Greek people other than accepting these austerity measures? And was defaulting as bad for the Greek people as their prime minister said it would be? Now joining us to talk about all of this is David Harvey. David is a distinguished professor at City University of New York, director of the Center for Place, Culture and Politics, and author of numerous books, including A Brief History of Neoliberalism (2005) .

Greece Should Default

from Cynthia McKinney :
Date: 25 June 2011.
Subject:  Eyewitness Libya Tour: Hear Wayne Madsen in DC Stop of Tour.

On Friday evening, June 24, 2011, a forum entitled, "Eyewitness Libya," was held in Washington, D.C., at the Festival Center. It featured Investigative Reporter, Wayne Madsen.. He has just returned from a fact-finding mission to that country with former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. The event was sponsored by the ANSWER Coalition.To learn more, go to ANSWERCoalition.

Video: Wayne Madsen on “Eyewitness Libya”


War is a Crime
(5:30 minutes)

"Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction."

from Francis Feeley :
Date: July 4, 2011.
Subject: A report on SOCIAL DARWINISM, or "Where is the rest of me?"

This is another brilliant Adam Curtis documentary originally produced for the BBC. It talks about the modern political realities, where the policies came from and the massive failures of those ideals and how they have ended up exactly where they did not want to be. This episode starts in the Cold War and shows the seeds that were sown to produce the modern political reality. Adam Curtis, documentary, Islam, politics, USA, UK, freedom, liberty, etc., etc., etc....

The Trap
(A BBC Documentary, 2007)

Part 1 = "F*k Your Buddy"

Part 2 = "The Lonely Robot"

Part 3 = "We Will force You to be Free"

from Catherine Shamas :
Date: 26 June 2011.
Subject: Flotille pour Gaza : Départ imminent !

Je vous fais suivre ce message où vous trouverez tous les liens utiles pour suivre les infos,

Le départ de la flottille pour Gaza est imminent

Dernières nouvelles et moyens de suivre le périple.

Diffusez, faites connaître, la réussite de l'opération dépend de la couverture médiatique de l'événement.



Le second bateau pour Gaza est parti de France, coup d’envoi de la seconde Flottille de la liberté

25/06/2011 14:55

Le second bateau pour Gaza est parti de France, coup d’envoi de la seconde Flottille de la liberté
Le "Dignité-Al Karama" [1] est parti ce matin des eaux de l’Ile Rousse en Corse. Il rejoindra dans quelques jours le « Louise Michel » actuellement en Grèce.

Les 40 Français qui embarqueront à bord des deux bateaux en Méditerranée orientale sont prêts. Le rendez vous est donné à Athènes. Dans moins d’une semaine, ils seront en route vers la bande de Gaza. Plusieurs milliers d’euros de matériel seront achetés par la campagne « Un bateau français pour Gaza » et acheminés sur un des deux cargos internationaux de la Flottille.

Les deux bateaux français vont se joindre à la douzaine de bateaux qui ont répondu présents pour cette initiative internationale. Ils apporteront 5 000 tonnes de matériel dans la bande de Gaza

Ce sont ainsi 300 à 400 personnes venus du monde entier qui monteront à bord pour clamer l’urgence de la fin du blocus de la bande de Gaza et le respect du droit international.

Face à cette action citoyenne historique, nos Etats doivent être à la hauteur. Ils doivent agir pour qu’Israël laisse passer les bateaux. La Fédération Internationale des Droits de l’Homme a réaffirmé dans un communiqué de presse la « responsabilité de la communauté internationale de prendre toutes les mesures nécessaires pour assurer l’accès de l’aide humanitaire à la population civile dans la bande de Gaza ».

Nous faisons ce que la communauté internationale devrait faire. Notre pression porte déjà ses fruits. A quelques jours du départ de la Flottille, Israël a autorisé l'ONU à importer les matériaux nécessaires à la construction de 1 200 logements et de 18 écoles dans la bande de Gaza.

Ce que nous voulons est la fin totale du blocus de la bande de Gaza et que soit enfin respectés les droits fondamentaux et la dignité des Palestiniens.

(1) « dignité » en arabe.

Pour visiter le bateau "Dignité-Al Karama" avec Jo Le Guen : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4Rb7BdlQ20


Pour suivre de près le périple :

- Le site d'Un bateau français pour Gaza : http://unbateaupourgaza.fr/

- Les pages en français du site international de la flottille : http://www.freedomflotilla.eu/fr
qui regroupe les infos des campagnes : Belgium, Canada, Denmark, European Campaign, France, Free Gaza Movement, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, U.S.A.

- le blog d'Elise Barthet, journaliste qui embarque pour Le Monde : http://flottille.blog.lemonde.fr/

from Edward S. Herman :
Date: 7 July 2011.
Subject: A fine Shirazi article on the monstrous "Quartet" performance at the Gaza blockade.

Nima Shirazi, whose blog, Wide Asleep In America can be found at http://www.wideasleepinamerica.com/ wrote a very good piece on Israeli repression in Gaza.
In this piece he points out the relative similarity between the Gaza blockade and the blockade of Boston set up by imperial Britain in late 1773. The Americans of that time labeled the action, "the Intolerable Acts." Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and her boss in the White House ought to consider this analogy, but then there is that lobby power factor that would prevent them from ever acknowledging it.

"The Deplorable Acts: The ‘Quartet' Comments on Gaza."

from: Truth Out :
Date: 7 July 2011.
Subject:  In Israel, a Tsunami Warning.

Today the U.S. and Israel are vigorously seeking to block the flotilla. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton virtually authorized violence, stating that 'Israelis have the right to defend themselves' if flotillas 'try to provoke action by entering into Israeli waters' - that is, the territorial waters of Gaza, as if Gaza belonged to Israel.

In Israel, a Tsunami Warning

from Truth Out :
Date: 8 July 2011.
Subject: Note to US: Democracy Activists Worldwide Are Watching.

Kathy Kelly: "I'm here as an activist passenger on the United States flotilla boat, The Audacity of Hope, also blocked by the Greek government decision. We tried to escape to international waters but were towed back to dock by heavily armed boats of the Greek Coast Guard. We haven't tried an embassy occupation. 'That's what your group should be doing,' said one of the main organizers of the international flotilla effort, referring to the Spanish action. He's right. And yet, crucial and telling differences exist between the Spanish Embassy in Athens, where I counted exactly one security guard nonchalantly keeping watch in the first afternoon of the Spanish activists' demonstration, and the US Embassy in Athens."

Note to US: Democracy Activists Worldwide Are Watching