The University of Grenoble
Selected Student Essays


"Language, Labor and Social Movements in the US"
Professor Francis McCollum Feeley
Selected Graduate Student Research
Academic Year 2015-2016
Université Stendhal, Grenoble 3
Grenoble, France

1. "Boxcar Bertha," a review of Ben Reitman's 1937 book, by Inès Santi.

2. "The Autobiographies of the Haymarket Martyrs," edited by Philip S. Foner, a book review by Chloé Fine.

3. "The Rebel Girl, The Autobiography of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn," a book review by Georgecia Vorswijk.

4. "Labour and Capital in the Gilded Age," edited by John A. Garraty, a book review by Anthony Marillat.

5. "Language, semantics and Ideology," a review of Michel Pecheux's linguistic study, by Huiyi Chen.

6. "The Indispensable Enemy: Labor and the Anti-Chinese Movement in California,” by Alexander Saxton, a book review by Janette Martin.

7. "Work, Culture and Society in Industrializing America," by Herbert G. Gutman, a book review by Chioma Onu.